Partially supported by the Society of Actuaries Centers of Actuarial Excellence 2015 Education Grant Project-Based Research Training in Actuarial Science


The Actuarial Program at UCSB is happy to share actuarial projects completed by our students in PSTAT 296A-B and PSTAT 196 courses. Project packages allow faculty in other schools to lead their students in the same or slightly modified research projects. Because of confidentiality issues, only some of the completed projects are available for sharing. In some cases, sponsors have requested notification about any interest in the projects from faculty in other schools and from members of SOA/CAS community.

How to request access to restricted website of Actuarial Projects:

Send an email from your college/university e-mail address or work address to
Use the following subject title: Request for Access to UCSB Actuarial Projects
Include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your college/university title
  • Phone number
  • Request for access
  • Reason for access
  • Summary of currently available shared projects is available here.

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