Poster Sessions

Corwin East

Poster Sessions 10:00am - 6:00pm

1. Francisca Amoatemaa
Pricing Distance Education through Multiple Decrement Approach

2. Frederick Guillot
Challenges and opportunities for flood insurance in Canada

3. Thomas Hartl
A Comparison of Resampling Methods for Bootstrapping Triangle GLMs

4. Dinghai Lv
Applications of GAMLSS in Non-life Insurance Ratemaking Analysis

5. Richard Pulliam
Pure Premium Trend Analysis for Auto and Home Insurance Coverages

6. Zia Rehman
Quantifying Economic Capital for Insurance Risk

7. Kenneth Sanford
Simulating Portfolio Losses from Adverse Events

8. David Smith
Using patient records to investigate mortality and deprivation

9. Craig Turnbull
Dynamic Hedge Projection for Variable Annuity Capital Assessment

10. Lu Xiong
Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Solve Complex Actuarial Problems

11. Jinyuan Zhang
Extreme Behaviour for Bivariate Skew-Elliptical Distributions