Breakout Sessions

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Flying A

State Street


Breakout Sessions 1:30 - 3:05

A5 - Technology
Chaired by Raya Feldman

B5 - Professionalism Panel
Chaired by Margie Rosenberg

C5 - Longevity Modeling I
Chaired by Louis Adam

Brian Spector
Fixing a Broken Correlation Matrix

Rich Veys (SOA)
Professionalism for Academic Actuaries

Craig Blackburn
Forward Mortality Modelling of Multiple Populations

Joann Fifield
3 R's - Will All Enrollees Stand up and Be Counted

Sarah Mathieson (IFoA)
Professionalism in the UK

Cary Chi-LiangTsai
Variations of the linear logarithm hazard transform for modelling cohort mortality rates

Yvonne Chueh
Actuarial Model Outcome Optimal Fit (AMOOF) 3.0: Probability Modeling Tool for Education and Research

Barry McKeown
Diversity in the Actuarial Profession

Andrew Hunt
Forward Mortality Rates: Applications to the Risk Management of Annuities

David Kester
How Well Does AdaptTM Predict Success?


Coffee Break 3:10 - 3:30

Breakout Sessions 3:30 -5:05

A6 - Actuarial Education Panel
Chaired by Ian Duncan

B6 - Automated Vehicles
Chaired by Rick Gorvett


Stuart Klugman (SOA)
Recent developments in Actuarial Exam syllabus: SOA

Matthew Antol (CAS)
Alyce Chow (CAS)

Automated Vehicles and the Impact on the Insurance Industry

(CAS special session)


Steve Armstrong (CAS)
Recent developments in Actuarial Exam syllabus: CAS


Jose Garrido (CIA)
Recent developments in Actuarial Exam syllabus: CIA


Mark Maxwell
Eurekas, Ah has, and Other Epiphanies